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Our primary objective is to provide our clients with an environment that supports their on-going sobriety, well-being and independence. To safeguard the spaces that our men share -- from their residences, to group therapy rooms, to our communal dining area -- we have rules and expectations for clients that honor respect, accountability, and autonomy.

What follows are a sample of the rules and expectations we have for our clients. Because each man is at a different stage in his recovery, and his own respective phase, client expectations vary between individuals. These are the guidelines we hold all of our clients to:

Absolutely no use or possession of drugs or alcohol is allowed on or off property.


Clients must coordinate with the clinical team to request a leave of absence from the program as needed.

All clients must pay their weekly fees every Friday. Weekly fees include weekly individual therapy, groups, and drug testing, a 24 hour staffed facility, furnished apartments, linens and bedding, kitchen supplies, all utilities, Direct TV, telephone and Internet access, gym use, and access to our on-site food pantry. 

All residents must demonstrate active participation in a self-help program, i.e. AA, NA, etc.

All clients are expected to exhibit daily living skills including house cleanliness, laundry, cooking, and other basic life skills to foster independent living.

Vehicles are permitted on property with the approval from the clinical team.

All personal belongings, apartments, and cars are subject to random searches. This is to ensure the safety of the individual client as well as the Sunset House community.








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