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Our Program.

We believe that long-term recovery is possible in an environment that enables independence. As a program that helps men transition from inpatient to independence, every man’s journey is different. 


The average length of stay is 6 months, though some men stay for more or less time depending on their needs and goals. For men who have completed a 90 day inpatient program, this gives him a nearly year of his new life in recovery before rejoining the world. 


Inpatient treatment is an interruption of your regular life—a necessary intervention for many of those struggling with addiction and alcoholism. Extended care at a sober living facility like Sunset House is a re-integration with life—a necessary next step for men who want to take what they learned in treatment and turn it into habitual behavior. 


Our model is a blend of progressive independence with clinical support within a strong recovery community. Our services focus on recovery skills, preventing relapse, improving emotional functioning, promoting personal responsibility and reintegrating the individual into the worlds of work, education, and family life.


Sunset House has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol, a nightly curfew, and requires that all clients attend weekly clinical services, therapy, group meetings and off-campus Twelve Step meetings. All clients must have either full-time employment or be enrolled full-time in school. 


We use a multi-phase system to help our men achieve sustainable independence with long-term recovery. Those phases include expectations for conduct in our housing, sustained employment, and attendance of individual and group sessions. 


Our goal is to to see our clients move successfully through our program to become totally independent and well-connected individuals, and upstanding members of our local community and our recovery community. 


As a level 4 residential treatment program, we provide care and structure beyond a traditional halfway house. Our clinical staff is on-site so expert help and support is nearby whenever clients need it. 

Life Skills.

Adapting to the demands of normal life is built into our structure: the men are expected to sustain gainful employment; meet care plan requirements and attend a minimum of weekly meetings.


The program at Sunset House is designed as a transitional program, with each phase providing new challenges and new freedoms as clients solidify their foundation in recovery.

Twelve Steps.

When coupled evidence-based clinical therapy, the Twelve Steps offer a practical and experience-driven method of personal development and positive change. 

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